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Striped pantacourt jumpsuits

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Created in the 1940s as a garment for workers, the jumpsuit gained presence in street wear fashion. Made with organic colored cotton flat fabric, the pantacourt jumpsuit has a front closure with buttons.

Composition: 100% certified organic colored cotton.

Item care: wash gently. Shade drying.

There may be slight variation in tone between the image reproduction and the live part.

Organic colored cotton from Paraíba is grown in rural settlements and the quilombola community in a family farming system with a purchase contract guaranteed by Natural Cotton Color.
* A quilombo is a Brazilian rural settlement founded by people of African origin.


Size Height Shoulder Waist Hip
S 148cm 100cm 106cm 106cm
M 149,5cm 101,5cm 107,5cm 107,5cm
L 151cm 103cm 109cm 109cm
XL 152,5cm 104,5cm 110,5cm 110,5cm

Ref: NCCM 1925